Individuals …
Taking the stress out of your job search … whether you’re thinking about a career change or struggling to find your first or next job, I will work with you to create quality documents, provide up to date job search techniques, and prepare you for interview. Services are organised so you can use one or all of them – whatever you need, one step at a time.

Outplacement …
I provide a supportive and practical outplacement service for people experiencing redundancy. My career has included recruitment in the private sector and job search training in the private, public and community sectors, as well as teaching in the further education field. I’m also a qualified Life Coach and Professional Counsellor. For organisations wishing to support departing employees in taking their next career step, I specialise in offering a personalised service which encompasses the following:

  • 21stCentury Job Search Techniques
  • Preparation of professional job search documents
  • General tips and tailored coaching for specific job interviews as they arise
  • Working through obstacles standing in the way of attaining goals and wellbeing.