Taking the stress out of job seeking – resumes, cover letters, selection criteria, interview coaching and online applications – making life better for Gippsland and Australian jobseekers. Jobs don’t always go to the best applicant, but almost always to the best prepared applicant.

2017 marks the commencement of my eighth year delivering jobseeker services. During that time, I have met and assisted many wonderful people of all ages in a range of sectors, and can share valuable knowledge about employers’ recruitment practices.

Since starting my consultancy, my clients have been achieving their employment goals across a range of industries and professions including oil and gas (onshore and offshore), mining, trades, apprenticeships, administration, retail, agriculture, hospitality, childcare, engineering, transport, hairdressing, health, education and communication.

I retain all the resumes I have prepared for five years, so if you lose your copy all it takes is a telephone call or email and I can forward a copy to you. This file retention is proving beneficial to those who are working in remote areas having little access to mobile phone or internet reception or services. In retaining a client’s resume on file, as well as scanned copies of qualifications, I am able to complete online applications on the client’s behalf

Submitting the best possible job application is only the beginning. One or two sessions of interview coaching will greatly increase your knowledge, communication skills, confidence and preparation maximising your chances of getting that job!

Services are structured so you can use one or all of them – whatever you need, one step at a time. Copies of all documents are forwarded via email, in both Word and PDF format.

Sometimes other “stuff” can get in the way of achieving job and life satisfaction. I am also a qualified Life Coach and Professional Counsellor, and can help you work through these challenges. A range of appointment times will accommodate your work and family commitments.