Should I include a photo on my resume?

A client came the other day for some help with her resume. The first thing I spied was her photo in prime position on the front page. Lovely photo and she had gone to a lot of trouble to make sure it was a professional image. When I suggested that it may not be such a good idea, she argued that it would help sell her to potential employers. Is she right? The short answer is no, no and no again!

There are good reasons for not including a photo on your resume…

  1. Firstly, it is so last century; including a photo will demonstrate you are not up to date with the latest trends
  2. Increasingly, scanners are being employed to read resumes and resume photos do not scan well
  3. Resumes are initially given 10-20 seconds attention; a photo is a risky strategy and may give an employer a reason to pass you over (superficial, but it happens)

Logical reasoning won the day and my client went away completely satisfied with her up to date 21st century resume; minus the photo…

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