Beware the Director of First Impressions!

So you have scored a job interview and on the designated day you arrive in plenty of time.  You present yourself at the front desk and it is there you have your first encounter with the Director of First Impressions, aka; receptionist, customer service officer, front of house; you know the people I mean. Directors of First Impressions are valued by intelligent employers and the cream of the crop is highly sought after.  They are often considered the face of the business being the first person customers or clients meet.   They are also the first person you as a potential employee of the business meet.

Have you ever been patronising, condescending, looked down upon the Director of First Impressions or called her love, sweetie or mate?  Have you missed out on the job and wondered why?   What you may not know or have thought about, is the power a Director of First Impressions holds in the recruitment process.   They can sometimes play a key role in whether or not you get the job.  This is because, unbeknown to you, they may have been asked to report to the interview panel on how you treated them when you arrived.  This report is taken seriously and can be seen as the true picture of you and who you will be within the organisation.  Potentially make or break!

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