looking-for-a-job-68958_640Traditionally, job vacancies in the earlier part of the 20th century were predominantly advertised in newspapers.  Who can forget the weighty tome that was the Saturday Age employment section?  The later part of the 20th century witnessed the birth of the internet and with it came online advertising in all shapes and forms, including job vacancies.  Moving forward into the 21st century and social media has taken advertising job vacancies to a whole new level and it is now not unusual to see positions advertised on Facebook and Twitter.

It is my observation that in rural communities, many of the smaller businesses still advertise in the local newspaper, however, an increasing number of the large companies, previously having advertised in local newspapers, are now only advertising their vacancies online.  Technology has developed so quickly in this area that many jobseekers are not aware that this is happening and so are missing out on vacancies that would be suitable and of interest to them.

To help you with your job search, I have listed some of the major online job sites below.  The list is by no means conclusive, as there are also industry specific sites.


http://jobsearch.gov.au/ (specifically for people on government benefits)




You can search these sites by geographical location and job titles, so have a play; you may be surprised at what you find.  Let me know the job sites you have used, what was good and not so good about the experience…………

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