Are your licences and training current?

kuwait-80674_640As part of your job application process, it is very important, that before you finalise your resume you carry out an audit of your licences and training.
If you have worked for large companies in the past or currently work for a contractor working for one of the larger companies, you may have participated in organisational specific training.  Much of that training carries an expiry date. Many of you will also hold a WorkSafe licence in various classes related to performing high risk work. If you hold one of these licences, you need to remember they are usually only valid for five years from date of issue and have an expiry date detailed on the card. There is a requirement to renew the licence if you are to continue performing high risk work.
I know many of you think that your licences and training are up to date, but quite often that is found not to be so. When did you last check through your cards? Has WorkSafe sent you a renewal notice which you have not received because you didn’t let them know you have moved?  Have you lost any of your cards? Is your First Aid training up to date? Have you done a CPR renewal? Is your organisational specific training still current or has it expired?
When it comes to developing your resume and making job applications, it is absolutely vital that the details surrounding your licences and training are true, correct and up to date, so get those cards out and start checking!

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