What do your shoes say about you?

leader-73333_640Well mine say that I choose comfort over fashion or being considered cool.  I hang on to my favourite shoes much the same way as a bloke clings to his favourite threadbare flannelette shirt when his mother is threatening to bin it!

But seriously, there are times when it is essential to get the issue of your shoes just right, because apparently when you meet a new person, your shoes are the first thing subconsciously noticed. Knowing this, the importance of getting your shoes just right for a job interview should not be underestimated.

So what are some of the common mistakes people make regarding their interview shoes?

  1. Well not cleaning them would have to be number one.  For some reason they get missed in your preparation.  The number of people who forget to clean their shoes is mind boggling.  If you are in this category, the interviewer’s first impression of you just got off to a bad start.
  2. Wearing very high stilettos, great when you are going out but not suitable attire for most job interviews.
  3. Wearing the wrong shoes with your interview outfit, trainers teamed with suits don’t usually cut it for most interviews.

Take another look at the shoes you have chosen to wear to your interview  … what do they say about you?  Will they create a dynamic first impression, or will they lose you points before you have even opened your mouth?


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