Some Random Thoughts on Resumes

A resume is not a one size fits all document.

Your resume has one purpose and one purpose only, to gain an interview.

Use your name in the file name of your resume document. Your resume will stand out if you end up on a list.

Have you included your name and mobile number on every page of your resume? Keeps your name in front of the recruiter and will make it easy to put your resume back together if the pages get separated.

Choose a font for your resume carefully. Some companies scan resumes and not all fonts scan well. Keep it simple – arial, verdana or calibri are just a few examples of good, simple, clear fonts.

Do you speak another language? Is that on your resume? Could be to your advantage…..

A photo is a risky strategy and may give an employer an opportunity to discriminate against you.

Is formatting important in your Resume? Absolutely, for presentation, consistency and if you are sending via email………

Don’t put anything in your resume that would allow an employer to discriminate against you, e.g. Date of birth, age, marital status, children or ages of children.

When writing your resume, make sure you spell out uncommon industry specific abbreviations.

Who are you? What are your talents and personality traits? What is your unique contribution in the workplace, what are you the ‘go to’ person for? Does your current resume reflect the answers to these questions?

How to make a recruiter’s job easier, don’t fold your resume.

Do not lie on your resume – ever!

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