Where is your ‘stuff’?

What if your dream job was advertised today?  Where would you find all the ‘stuff’ you need to prepare an application, the ‘stuff’ that would tell your working life story?   Is it on the dashboard of your ute, in a drawer somewhere, maybe a box under the bed, or scattered across all these places?  Many of us give little attention to those important documents that map our working life.

Avoid the panic that comes with not being prepared and set up a dedicated file in your personal filing cabinet to house all relevant documents.   There are lots of goodies which are helpful in preparing job applications, e.g.:

  • Training certificates (if your employer holds them, ask for them back or at least copies)
  • Yearly training print-outs from your employer
  • Scanned copies of tickets and licences
  • Position descriptions
  • Copies of performance development reviews, a great source of information about how you are perceived as an employee (they may be known by some other name in your organisation)
  • Presentations you may have delivered
  • Articles you may have written
  • Awards or recognition received
  • The list goes on …..

What have you got squirreled away in forgotten hidey holes that may be useful?

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