Sometimes you have gaps in employment in your resume despite best efforts and often there is no way of covering this up because it will come back to bite you where you are required to complete an application form.  When we talk about gaps of concern, generally it means anything over about a month.  If you have one of these gaps, look at what you have been doing in that time.  Did you travel, build an extension on your house, undertake some training, volunteer at your child’s school, teach yourself how to use power tools, or quite simply, worked on lining up your career ducks in some way.

The most important thing about these gaps is demonstrating where you have taken initiative, been proactive in value adding to skills and not just waiting for something to happen.

Where you are required to complete an application form, if there is provision to add general details or comments, describe those things of value to an employer that you have been doing during the unemployed period.

Gaps in employment don’t automatically need to be negative, the key to dealing with them lies in how you explain them away.

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