What Value an Email Signature?

On the hunt for a new job and wanting to use all means available to achieve success?  Just think for a moment about how many job vacancies are now advertised online.  Now think about how many job ads request you to forward your resume via email.  In this, the 21st century, email is one of our primary communication tools which, when used skilfully, can be part of an effective self-marketing strategy.

Firstly, it can be a good idea to have an email address that you use only for your job search or business transactions.  When setting up a new address, use your name but do avoid using your year of birth if you need to include a number.  When it comes to setting up your email signature, it is a fairly simple task but err on the side of keeping the actual signature details simple.  A short sharp signature is far preferable to a novel.  So what to include … well there is your name; your job title, contact phone number, your email address and if you have one, your LinkedIn address.

If you are known in your industry by a nickname, include it in brackets (often when we use a person’s proper name with industry contacts, people don’t know who we are talking about until we use the nickname).  Use the same name format across all social media that you are using in your job search.  If what you do is known by several different role titles, think about a broad umbrella title, e.g. instead of Driller or Roustabout, you might use Drilling | Oil & Gas.  Match it to your LinkedIn profile if you have one.  It is better not to list numerous telephone numbers; choose the one you are most contactable on (but not your current work number, keep work contact details out of your job search unless unavoidable).

And that is pretty much it. So what is the value of an email signature?  It is a branding tool which keeps your name and details in front of the potential employer or recruiter’s eyes and it makes their job easier if they want to contact you.  It also demonstrates a high degree of professionalism on your part.

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