Resume Retention

As my clients know, I hold resumes I’ve prepared on file so that in the event of loss of USB sticks or if a client needs a resume to be forwarded when working FIFO, I’m able to assist with that need. As I now have so many files, from today, clients who have not accessed any service for five years or more will be deleted from the system.

How time flies!


2015 marks my sixth year offering a suite of services meeting the needs of jobseekers in Gippsland, and states across Australia.   An update on what I do!

  • Coaching and Services for the Individual – searching for a job can be stressful; skilled assistance with resumes, cover letters, key selection criteria (KSC), LinkedIn, job search and interview coaching, optimise your chance of success.
  • Outplacement Services – individual support for a number of employees in career transition where their role has been affected by redundancy due to organisational change.
  • Resume File Retention – I retain your resume on file so if you lose your copy all it takes is a telephone call or email and a new copy is forwarded. Resume file retention is particularly beneficial to those working in remote areas with little access to mobile phone or internet services.  In retaining a client’s resume on file, as well as scanned copies of qualifications, online application forms can be completed on your behalf.  All that is needed is a link to the job you wish to apply for.
  • Wellbeing – providing individuals with tools and strategies to handle work and life challenges.

With the growth of services, has come growth in social media.  I can be found online at:
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Job vacancy links of interest to my clients are posted my Facebook business page.  You can follow by liking the page.

Client assistance is practical and conducted in a calm and confidential environment.  Personalised service, engaging with clients, listening, and discussing concerns and aims remains at the heart of what I do.

White Ribbon Day

To quote – “The White Ribbon Campaign aims to raise awareness among Australian men and boys about the roles they can play to prevent violence against women. The campaign calls for men across Australia to speak out and take an oath swearing never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women.”

As a qualified and experienced counsellor, I am aware that there is still a lack of understanding out there in some areas as to just what constitutes violence against women (and for that matter against men).  Many people still think that it is limited to the shoving, hitting, beating and kicking that goes with physical violence.  Not true, some other forms of abuse include sexual abuse or rape inside marriage/relationships, isolating from or restricting access to family and friends, monitoring who the woman talks to and where she goes, verbal abuse in the form of humiliation or put downs, emotional abuse; e.g. using threats about harming the children.  This is by no means a complete list.

So what can you do? When you buy your ribbon, take that next step and make sure you become fully informed about what violence against women is.   This knowledge well used could go a long way in preventing abuse.


Welcome to my first blog post – a somewhat daunting venture that I have wanted to do but at the same time avoided for some time.  I’m great at writing reports, funding grants and other professional documents but freeze at the thought of writing anything which is more self-expressive ….. however, here I am and it is time to make a start ……..