Our values vs company values

When we find ourselves in the position of being unhappy in our job, often we can’t work out just why we are unhappy.  We trawl through the tasks we do and find that we enjoy most of them.  We mostly like the people we work with and the hours we work. So where does the problem lie?

The answer may be found in values. Our values vs company values. In drilling down to the core of the problem, quite often we find a lack of alignment between what we value and what our employer values. Try asking yourself this question. What behaviours tick me off at work?  Make a list. Then ask yourself this question.  Are these the same behaviours that tick me off in my personal life?  The answers to these questions give us a pretty good indication of the values we hold.

Sometimes, when we analyse the reasons for our unhappiness, the results are such that we are in a position to make changes that improve the situation. However, if a misalignment of values is the problem, and we have no control over employer values, it may be time to accept that the relationship is a mismatch, and it is time to move on. In moving on, we have learned a valuable lesson, to make sure as far as we can, that a potential employer’s values sit comfortably with our own.

Employers, two parts to a whole

Ask a job applicant what they know about the company they are applying to and they will readily describe what that company does. Far less often, do they describe how the company does, what it does.

What a company does and how it does it are two parts to a whole, one without the other is an incomplete picture.  If you want to know ‘the how’, research the guiding principles, mission statement and values, or observe behaviours.  How do they fit with your values, both personally and as a potential employee?

Why is this important?  Only in understanding both parts, can you and the employer know you are on the same page, that a positive working relationship is likely.