No mobile phone or email address?


Have you never owned a mobile phone or acquired an email address?  Are you a person doggedly resisting the technological age?  In terms of applying for jobs in the 21st century what will this say about you, will it impact on your job search outcome? The answer to that question is almost certainly a resounding yes. If your reputation is such that employers are beating a path to your door, you might get away with it … for the rest of us, it’s an enormous risk.

Do I need my landline number on my Resume …

Do you need your landline phone number on your Resume?  Not usually, unless you live in an area where mobile coverage is poor or non-existent which can occur surprisingly close to major cities.  Including your mobile number on your Resume is critical, as is an appropriate email address.  Where you have poor mobile coverage, it may be worth including both phone numbers on your Resume. Whether it is your landline or mobile number, make sure you have a professional voicemail message on both.