Core Resume Document

Many people with a significant career history come to me seeking assistance with their resumes.  Often the resume they submit for consideration to recruitment companies or in application for jobs is more like a novel than a resume.

The major mistake applicants make is in trying to tell the recruiter what they think they want to know rather than what the recruiter actually does want to know.  I think I have said before that a resume is not a one size fits all document.

I recommend to clients that they develop what I call a core resume, or master document that holds every ounce of information relating to their working life from day dot.   Then when applying for individual positions, use what is relevant from the core document to develop your resume for any given job.

Some of the clients I assist are fresh out of school, university or just completing apprenticeships.  I am encouraging them to develop and maintain these core resumes; to develop a mindset that includes this task as part of their working life.

It makes applying for jobs so much easier.