Shutdown Jobs

Are you looking for shutdown work? You may like to register with WorkPac Group on their website at

Disclaimer: Posting details of this organisation is in no way an endorsement, nor do I have any relationship with this business.

Shutdown Work

Are you looking for shutdown work?  You may like to register with Shutdowns Australia on their website at or Pilbara Access – on their website at, (Pilbara Access is a specialist Scaffolding and Rope Access business).

Disclaimer: Posting details of these organisations is in no way an endorsement, nor do I have any relationship with these businesses.

Referee Details in Short Term Employment

If you are person who is working shutdowns, contract or project roles, often your referees are supervisors from each position worked. These supervisors are usually in the same situation as you, on a shutdown, contract or project, and just like you they move on when the job is complete.  Some of them have company email addresses or mobile phones issued just for the duration of the gig. If you are not keeping in touch and checking details of your referees in this environment, then you are probably sabotaging your job applications, as a prospective employer / recruiter will be unable to contact your referee.  For each job you apply for, check that your referees are still working where you last had contact with them.  If they have moved on to a new role and you want to show how you are linked to them, you can add a line to your resume that states they were (formerly the …….), so the employer /recruiter will be able to map the connection.

Our values vs company values

574When we find ourselves in the position of being unhappy in our job, often we can’t work out just why we are unhappy.  We trawl through the tasks we do and find that we enjoy most of them.  We mostly like the people we work with and the hours we work.  So where does the problem lie?

The answer may be found in values. Our values vs company values. In drilling down to the core of the problem, quite often we find a lack of alignment between what we value and what our employer values. Try asking yourself this question. What behaviours tick me off at work?  Make a list. Then ask yourself this question.  Are these the same behaviours that tick me off in my personal life?  The answers to these questions give us a pretty good indication of the values we hold.

Sometimes, when we analyse the reasons for our unhappiness, the results are such that we are in a position to make changes that improve the situation.  However, if a misalignment of values is the problem, and we have no control over employer values, it may be time to accept that the relationship is a mismatch, and it is time to move on.  In moving on, we have learned a valuable lesson, to make sure as far as we can, that a potential employer’s values sit comfortably with our own.

What are you seeking at work?

Seth Godin asks “What are you seeking at work?”  Have a read and see if you recognise yourself in his description.  Then, if you are in a supervisory role, take the next step and ask yourself if how you lead is resonating with your individual team members. Seth’s Blog: What are you seeking at work?

Showing up for work

Show up for work on time, that’s important.  Show up for work with a smile on your face too, no-one wants a grump on board.  Most important though, is to show up with the right attitude.  The right attitude is premium.

Returning to work following a bereavement

candles-209157_640One of the challenges in life most people experience is returning to work when recently bereaved.   A loss can come in many forms, the physical loss of a loved one including miscarriage, breakdown in a relationship or loss of home or property in difficult circumstances.  Sometimes, you, the bereaved person, feel naturally vulnerable and experience anxiety or stress about facing colleagues.  Much of the reason for this lies in worrying you will be asked questions about what has occurred with fears it may trigger a loss of emotional control.

Some of our colleagues will respond to our loss with a simple touch of the hand on our shoulder, others with quiet words of condolence.  But then there is the person who will want to know every detail, whether or not you want to talk about it.

One way to handle unwanted questions about your loss on your return to work is to prepare a simple response, a polite line that will set a boundary and deflect any further questions.   The night before you return to work, choose and practise your words. Use your prepared response where necessary and repeat if needed.

Grief is an individual and often private experience. Take care of yourself at this time by setting your chosen boundaries.

Registered with Labour Hire?

If you are registered with a labour hire firm, it pays to touch base consistently and regularly (perhaps once a week) to keep yourself and your details up front and centre.   You only have to worry about one person but they have many, many people on their books so keep reminding them you exist and are keen to work.

“Don’t do what I said, do what I meant.”

I so like Seth Godin’s writing, his words make so much sense … some more of his simple wisdom … just click on the link and it will take you to the article.

Seth’s Blog: “Don’t do what I said, do what I meant.”.