6 Tips for School Leavers Looking for Work

If you are about to leave school and you need to find work, these 6 tips will help.

  1. When the school year is finished and you’ve had a good holiday then your job will be to get a job.  That’s right, treat finding a job as though it is a job.  Allocate set hours each day to your job search, be consistent and follow up.
  2. Have your resume and portfolio developed by a professional; they have the knowhow.
  3. Make sure your mobile phone has message bank, a professional message and that you have plenty of credit all the time; who knows who might be calling.
  4. If your email address is a bit out there or unprofessional, either change it, or get another email address just to be used for your job search and check it daily.
  5. Google your name and clean up your social media, employers are watching.
  6. Check out your wardrobe for interview clothes, beg and borrow from family and friends, don’t get caught short.